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Explore our services & facilities, tailored to provide optimal care for your car. We're committed to keeping your vehicle in peak condition.

SPECIALIST SERVICES Vehicle Accident Repair Specialists

Electric vehicle repairs

Here at Precision Bodyshop, we have invested in the latest EV accident repair training through our manufacturer partners to ensure the correct knowledge is applied when repairing your Hybrid & Electric vehicles.

Structural Aluminum repairs

We at Precision Bodyshop are proud to be certified to carry out structural aluminium repairs – there are only a handful of bodyshops certified to carry out these works in the UK.

Light Commercial Vehicles repairs

Precision Bodyshop has many years’ experience with commercial vehicle accident repairs, and can carry out body repairs on all make and model of light commercial vehicles and vans.

Prestige manufacturer repairs

We’re proud to have been repairing the world’s finest super cars for over 50 years. To continue to deliver outstanding service for all our clients, we heavily invest in the right equipment & staff to ensure quality.

Enclosed Transportation

Our modern premium transport fleet with hard side enclosed, fully covered surround your valuable vehicle, protecting it from any damage on its journey.


Our electronic four wheel alignment system measures angles at front and rear axles, then compares them to the manufacturer specified data.

With such accurate readings, four wheel alignment allows adjustments of individual wheels which ensures the steering wheel is set straight.


Alloy wheels are very often one of the first places that wear and tear becomes obvious on a vehicle.

Damage from potholes in the road, scuffs and scratches from a kerb when parking or chips and dents from everyday driving can be easily and quickly restored here at Porters Bodyshop.


Car detailing is about getting the ultimate look from your paintwork and surfaces.

Whether new or old we can enhance and protect your vehicle’s paintwork by removing scratches and swirl marks and adding protection by a range of coatings, including ceramic.


PDR is a process where the damaged area of the metal is massaged and pushed back into the original position without the need to repaint the panel. To find out what is repairable, use the link below and send us some images of the damaged area.


We will ensure your air-con system is operating at the correct interior temperatures.

Our air conditioning diagnostic equipment will test your system for leakage and all other key components including the condenser, compressor, hoses and belts.


A large number of car manufacturers are constructing vehicles from aluminium instead of steal.

Aluminium body repairs require specialist meticulous conditions, equipment and training to ensure no cross contamination of materials.